Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted to Your iPhone

iPhone addiction

After getting grief from a couple of designers, I agreed to post an iPhone version of a recent ‘Top 5 addiction signs’ post. Here we go…

The Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted to Your iPhone

5. The magazine rack in the bathroom has become obsolete.

4. You’ve developed the ability to read e-mails unbeknownst to the person talking to you.

3. Your friends get concerned if they don’t get an e-mail response from you within the minute.

2. You’ve experienced deeply religious “Thank God” moments after finding your iPhone in your other pocket.

1. Humans have become annoying things that disrupt quality time with your iPhone.

One response to “Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted to Your iPhone”

  1. Hillary says:

    #4 is bang on!!! Sad but true :) Secretly checking out iPhone emails will soon be an Olympic sport.

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