Marketing: How Green Are You?

Green marketing

Many organizations are jumping on the green bandwagon, and consumers are witnessing vast claims of environmental benefits or greater sustainability.

However, as superficial claims continue to be exposed, consumers are distrustful of the credibility and honesty of green marketing messages — on and off the Web.

To overcome this lack of trust and avoid the greenwashing accusations, Forrester’s Cindy Commander suggests marketers need to ensure their green strategies adhere to the seven Es of green marketing:

  1. Encompassing
  2. Evident
  3. Earnest
  4. Engaging
  5. Empowering
  6. Enlightening
  7. Evolving

It’s one thing to state something. It’s another to demonstrate a point. Support all your claims with evidence.

Backing up your claims is especially important on the Web, where trust needs to be built with every word and pixel.

For example, Zaui Software’s website states: “The electricity that powers the servers operating our applications are now Green Power,” which links to Green Power Certificate information on a utility organization’s site.

That builds credibility. Simply stating “We’re green” doesn’t. When it comes to web content, be sure to back up your claims.

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