How to Find a Web Copywriter

How to Find a Web Copywriter

“How do I find the right web copywriter for my business?” That’s a common question by business owners at forums and seminars.

The answer is quite simple: on the Web.

A web copywriter who knows how to write for search engines will be visible on the Web. And if he can promote himself online, he’ll be able to promote you (be it in Toronto, New York, London or globally, if desired)

But your web copywriter also needs to be well versed writing for another audience: people. Getting prospects to your site is one challenge; converting them into customers is another. So ensure the copywriter delivers clear, concise and objective web writing that is customer centric.

If the individual you’re considering for your business produces flowery passages with loads of clichés, he or she might be talented, but likely not the right candidate for your business website. That’s because Internet users researching products or services want to get relevant information and tasks completed as fast as possible. Meanwhile, cute and clever web writing just gets in the way.

If you’re concerned about your web copywriter’s knowledge surrounding your product or service offerings, or industry at large, take comfort in the fact that professional writers are usually skilled researchers. So whether you need to cover health, HR or home design, a professional copywriter will be able to help you define and convey why you’re the right choice, and do so in a persuasive manner.

Plus, involving a third-party provides you an objective view on your business. You know your business like no one else. But a fresh perspective can uncover some powerful factors that differentiate your from your competitors.

Spend 20 minutes on your search engine of choice, and chances are you’ll find a web copywriter who can help maximize your online traffic, leads and sales.

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