Where’s Your Prospect’s Sore Spot?

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To convert sales, your web content must diagnose your prospect’s sore spot, and explain how you’ll bring them relief.

To simplify the process, try to categorize their difficulties into on of the three main categories:

  1. Financial
  2. Strategic
  3. Personal

By diagnosing a prospect’s problem, and showing you understand and have a proven solution that caters to their specific needs, you’ll significantly increase the chances of converting them into a customer.

If you don’t fully understand your prospect’s issues — even if it’s just their perception — you’ll miss many opportunities.

Don’t rush to make the sales pitch. Ask questions, listen and then discuss solutions.

One response to “Where’s Your Prospect’s Sore Spot?”

  1. Jenna L says:

    I say the time you allocate to a sale should match the potential value. I won’t waste an afternoon if it’s not going to provide much revenue, but am willing to discuss issues (and anything ele the company wants) if it’s lucrative or a long term contract.

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