Avoid Web Content Pollution

Avoid web content pollution

A noisy business website distracts visitors, which negatively impacts the bottom line.

Websites often become convoluted over time because businesses don’t invest the time and resources to remove obsolete information.

Many businesses just add content on an as needed basis. But, just as important, businesses should regularly maintain websites. Scheduled clean-ups promote positive online experiences, which translate to increased conversions.

Things to watch out for:

  • Outdated information, events etc.
  • Too many menu items or links
  • Irrelevant web copy or graphics

For a typical business, websites can be maintained by investing one hour, just once a month. During a website audit, I recall an employee who detested the idea of cleaning up a few web pages. But the handful of hours it took him to make those changes are saving thousands of prospects and customers several seconds each visit, which makes it more than worthwhile.

Clean your website to make it easier to do business with you. It makes perfect business sense.

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