Delivering the Right Web Content to Readers

Delivering the Right Web Content to Readers

Knowing your audience is imperative to achieve high conversion rates with your web content.

As you attempt to define your reader, pay heed to his knowledge of the subject. If he’s informed, get right to the key facts and figures. Otherwise, you’ll bore him and turn him off with generic information.

If he’s not well versed with the subject, ensure you provide some basic, high-level information, and offer plenty of references to helpful background material. Sidebars can also be an effective tool in this case.

If you need to cater to a mixed crowd, which is common on the Web, provide high-level material, but include clearly labeled links to all the particulars. This is a web content strategy called link layering, and it’s an incredibly effective way to provide online visitors information that’s relevant to their specific needs.

For instance, a personal wellness coach might have a page that outlines what services and products she offers clients:

Discover Dr. Smith’s unique approach to herbal body cleansing, menopause, chronic fatigue…

In the above example, it would be beneficial to link each of the topics — herbal body cleansing, menopause and chronic fatigue — to a separate page that comprises additional details. That way, the extra information is there for the taking — if desired.

That’s the beauty of the Web. Your web content can cater to specific people about very specific topics, which is the key to engaging visitors.

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