Web Content is Not About Your Business

Web content writer

Web content is not about you. It’s about your prospect or customer.

This is critical to making web content successful. However, based on frequent discussions with business clients and students alike, it’s a concept that’s often not recognized and appreciated.

The digital world has sped things up. Television and billboards have much less impact and ability to influence the masses. There are more choices, more noise. Less time, less patience. As a result, consumers are now exceptionally proficient at ignoring marketing messages.

Effective campaigns are no longer built around clever ads. Today’s successful campaigns comprise clever, relevant ideas, which spread virally. The idea must be about the consumer and his or her needs and wants. Think iPod, personalizing entertainment; or Blackberry, keeping you connected.

The fact is consumers don’t care about your business. Today’s consumer invests time considering your offerings with the mind-set: The world evolves around me. With the advent of the Internet, consumers are in power. And businesses need to respect that.

Next time you review your web content, do your best to look at it from the eyes of your target audience. If you’re not conveying what benefits you have to offer, chances are you’re delivering self-absorbed web content.

If you’re creating web content to turn yourself on, there’s a good chance you’re turning your prospects and customers off.

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