The Perceived Value of Web Copywriters

The Perceived Value of Web Copywriters

While speaking at a recent Web forum in Vancouver, a web copywriter from the audience approached me with disheartening stories about how his skills were not valued at his workplace.

Part of the reason web copywriters are under-valued extends from the fact managers often get excited about new technologies. They believe employing new software and applications demonstrate they’re on the leading edge, creating an opportunity to score points with their superiors. As a result, the employees who handle design and development tend to gain more attention and recognition.

However, many managers forget an important factor. While technology is wonderful, its greatest asset in the digital world from a communications perspective is getting information to the right people at the right time.

But, if technology doesn’t deliver the right information, the entire effort, investment and process is essentially pointless.

The words you choose and how you use them is fundamental in your bid to engage consumers, and persuade them to make a purchase, pick up the phone, subscribe or what have you. Internally, effective web writing can help employees gain clarity, improve productivity and morale, and help build a winning culture.

Technology is powerful. But it needs to deliver the right message. And that’s why web writers are an important part of a winning online equation — whether managers recognize it or not.

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