Benefits of Breaking Up Web Content

Breaking up web content

While discussing a client’s project, one of the web copywriters at Webcopyplus suggested breaking up web content does a lot more than promote scanability.

It started a discussion about the additional benefits of segmenting web content into digestible chunks. Here’s what we came up with.

One-topic sentences and paragraphs help web copywriters:

  • Deliver scannable web content
  • Layer information (small blocks of text can link to other blocks)
  • Organize information effectively (easy to arrange and view)
  • Join similar topics
  • Provide content that’s easier to remember
  • Reduce or eliminate scrolling

Concise web content doesn’t just happen. You need to plan your topics and approach. And once you complete the initial draft, keep cutting away all those dead words!

The extra time you spend or invest in your web content will help ensure your online guests enjoy their stay, complete their tasks and keep coming back for more.

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