How to Find a Good Copywriter for the Web

How to find a good copywriter

When delivering web content courses, business owners often ask, “How do you find a good copywriter for the Web?” Whether you’re based in London, Toronto or New York, the answer is simple.

Do an online search.

Good copywriters know how to craft copy that persuades people to act, be it to enlist as a member, sign up for a newsletter or purchase a widget.

Good web copywriters can deliver potent copy for people. But they also understand how to write effectively for search engines. They help businesses choose and strategically use select words that will drive targeted audiences to their websites.

Consequently, an effective way to find a good web copywriter is to see who shows up on the top rankings of Google, Yahoo, MSN or your search engine of choice. If they can promote themselves, they can promote you.

Plug in words surrounding web copy writers, professional web copy or what have you, and away you go. A few searches and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right web writer to optimize your website and your business.

2 responses to “How to Find a Good Copywriter for the Web”

  1. Jade says:

    I’ve worked with a couple of major agencies and design firms, and whether we hired writers in New York, LA, Seattle or event Toronto, none of them really had the ability to write effectively for the Web. As a project manager, I had to teach these apparently experienced web writers about keyword density and meta data!

  2. David says:

    The “keyword density and meta data” that Jade refers to means creating paragraphs of search-engine-optimization (SEO) gibberish for search engines rather than writing effective marketing copy that compels *people* to buy products or engage services.

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