Web Content: Cheap or Chic — Your Choice

Marketing web content - cheap or chic

The content you post on your website delivers certain messages to consumers — both consciously and subconsciously.

The difference between “inexpensive” and “cheap,” or “pre-owned” and “used” is massive.

Along the same lines, consider a restaurant menu that has a burger for $10.99 or $11. You’ll find the $10.99 at a greasy spoon that’s positioning itself on giving a “steal of a deal.”

Up it a penny, as you might find at a quaint bar in a trendy part of town, and that business is striving to convey value through a more refined, upper-class experience. Status comes into play.

Two entirely different images with just a penny difference.

Webcopyplus recently assisted a Vancouver-based business with its website and flagged an informational CD with a price tag that ended with the classic 99 cents. It portrayed an ‘economical’ message: “You’re getting a bargain basement price.” Meanwhile, the client is a reputable, elite business that goes out of its way to portray a professional image.

Wrong price, wrong message.

Symbols, numbers and words impact business communications, sales and marketing in a big way. The fact is one word or penny can make a world of difference.

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