Raincity Studios Acquires Bryght

Web design and development firm Raincity Studios today acquired Bryght.

The companies, both based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, are pioneers of “Web 2.0” and open-source software communities. In fact, this acquisition is hailed as another success story from Vancouver B.C.’s new media technology industry, which has launched companies like Flickr, Dabbledb, Now Public and nitobi.

“This announcement is exciting for the local tech industry as Raincity Studios and Bryght are perfect examples of the rapid success achievable in the Vancouver new media sector with a good plan, talented team and hard work,” said Adam Gooch of New Media BC.

The expanded company will continue to create custom web applications and community websites, and offer hosting and infrastructure support and services to clients globally.

Kris Krug, renowned Web 2.0 expert and former head of Bryght, is the newly appointed President of Raincity Studios.

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