Inspirational Moments With Paul Potts & Susan Boyle

While visting Seth Godin’s newest blog, which promotes his latest book, The Dip, I was moved by a magnificent opera performance by an unassuming mobile phone salesman.

Paul Potts, who confessed to having confidence challenges, earned a standing ovation within seconds of his performance and blew away the American Idol/ Britian’s got Talent judges. He went on to the finals and won the entire competition.

Regardless what business you’re in, this will prove to be an inspiration. Watch it here. It’s four minutes well spent.

Another Gem in the Rough

And here’s another moving performance. They laughed, and then they cried.

Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old that “wants to be a singer,” sings Les Miserables’ I Dreamed A Dream on Britain’s Got Talent.

Watch her blow the audience and judges away.

Watch Out for that Kid, Susan!

After Simon Cowell cut Shaheen Jafargholi’s initial song short, the 12-year-old dazzled Britian’s Got Talent’s judges and audiences with a soulful version of Michael Jackson’s Who’s Loving You.

Following Shaheen’s performance, Simon tells him: “This is how one song can change your life. And this may be the start of something special for you, young man.”

See Shaheen here.

21 responses to “Inspirational Moments With Paul Potts & Susan Boyle”

  1. Fahid says:

    Wow, this guy put the judges in their place! Simon was stumped.

  2. Grace Roy says:

    he is great

  3. Leah Riely says:

    I think Paul Bott’s performance was overrated. His stage presense wasn’t there. I don’t understand what all the hype is about. American Idol should stick to what it’s good at — finding pop idols.

  4. On Tuesday,David flubbed and forgot the lyrics while appearing extremely awkward. Our least favorite performance was a country version of “Eight Days a Week” performed by Kristy Lee Cook. American Idol judge Simon Cowell said Kristy sounded like “Dolly Parton on helium.” Tonight more will be revealed to show which singers in the top 12 will be voted off. Chikezie, Carly Smithson, David Cook and Michael Johns were all standouts on Tuesday, but Chikezie really surprised the judges with his “O Brother Where Art…

  5. Philip FA says:

    Just passed by, but had to comment on Leah’s comment, since it was picked up in my google search:

    I’ve sung and performed all my life in all styles of music, and you can have a warm engaging personality on stage to make up for a lack of something else, like June Carter-Cash, but you CANNOT invent a voice like that on a recording. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  6. Sandra N. says:

    Sorry, Phil, I agree with Leah. If he wasn’t so awkward his average opera voice would be no surprise, and therefore there wouldn’t be any hype with American Idol.

  7. Howard says:

    Average voice? I just heard it, and his voice is nothing short of amazing. To say you don’t like his style is one thing. To say he’s not a good singer is absurd.

  8. Hey, i am glad i came across your site… keep it up!!!!

  9. Li Tai Fang says:

    Average voice? AVERAGE voice? Are you kidding me?
    If your idols are pop stars who cannot sign the national anthem right, it’s your choice, but please do not tell me that is “average” voice.

  10. Jordan says:

    I check both of these singers out and I must say they aren’t average – they are just above average. Nothing to write home about. Sorry!

  11. jjray says:

    Very inspiring (as I am also 47 chasing dreams). What gave me the most joy in watching the audition was how Susan Boyle stood up to the condescending taunt from Simon Cowell. The man had nothing but contempt for her until she opened her mouth to sing.

  12. lawrie says:

    omg where have i been, this kid is amazing
    info is a bit hard to find but the best site i have found so far is
    anyone got any other links ?

  13. Ghem says:

    Susan Boyle was my bet on Britains Got Talent. She has a very beautiful voice. Unfortunately, she got dropped.

  14. Lost Blog says:

    Paula Abdul finally been give the timmy tack, excellent.

  15. Susan Boyle has exceptional voice. I wish i had a voice like her.

  16. Arthtritis Pain Relief Health Site says:

    Susan Boyle has a great voice and for me she was one of the best contestants.

  17. Razel says:

    the voice of Susan Boyle is phenomenal and for me she is a great performer. too bad she was unable to make it to the finals.

  18. Bernie Bogus says:

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  19. Kerry says:

    Susan Boyle has a great voice, no doubt about that. She was my first choice in American Idol and sadly she did not make it.

  20. Rocky Ordner says:

    Nice!, found your blog on digg.Happy I finally tried it out. Not sure if its my Opera browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? However, love your post and will check back.Bye

  21. l. says:

    happy to see this artist getting more attention.

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