Don’t Cut Corners (Dream Bigger)

With too many people living each day in a hectic world, Marketing guru Seth Godin includes this in his blog:

“Is cutting corners to make a buck appropriate when you consider what you could have done? What would someone with a bigger vision have done instead?”

We sometimes have to remind ourselves to dream harder, build a vision and strive to achieve grand goals.

During a recent meeting with Vancouver business consultant Mark Wardell, he spoke about the amazing results people get when they simply write goals and objectives down on a piece of paper.

I’ve seen it work, and have experienced it personally. I recall the story about comedian Jim Carrey replicating a cheque on a piece of file card for $10 million. It wasn’t long before he received it — and much more.

Next time you get the urge to cut a corner, stop and take a moment to dream bigger.

3 responses to “Don’t Cut Corners (Dream Bigger)”

  1. Hanna Banana says:

    Love that Jim Carrey story! I agree that we tend to cut corners and deliver mediocre results. We should all take more pride in the work we produce and the profits will follow.

  2. Fiona Mills says:

    This is inspiring, and something anyone can apply to their life. I like that… DREAM BIGGER, people!

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