How to Get Read on the World Wide Web

World Wide Web

When writing web copy for the all-too-noisy World Wide Web, nothing is more powerful than simplicity.

As a result, your web copy messages need to be clearly defined and concise. Easier said than done.

Entrepreneurs, like artists, tend to complicate things when they don’t have clear vision or direction.

Musicians habitually add layers upon layers of heavily processed studio tracks to compensate for weak melodies, hooks or lyrics. Meanwhile, a well-written song comes through loud and clear with any cheap, old acoustic guitar.

Likewise, designers sometimes attempt to conceal lack of creativity by cluttering works with unnecessary “fluff,” diminishing chances of making a desired and lasting impression. Clean, simple designs almost always have the greatest impact.

When it comes to web copy, the same logic applies: less is more.

Consider the points you want to make and take the time to mold them into clear and concise messages. Don’t expect your readers to plow through piles of obscure writing because, in most cases, they won’t.

Here’s an example of long-winded web copy.


Web copywriting for search engine optimization is very different from other kinds of copywriting and is an integral part of the success of your web, not only to deliver your message to your targeted audience for your product, service or cause, but also to assure that you are maximizing your web copywriting for search engines.

A total of 55 words, which can be shaved down to just 16 words as follows.


Web copywriting can boost your search engine rankings and drive your target market to your site.

Another example of wordy web copy follows.


Hiring a professional SEO copywriter, who happens to write the finest web content, to re-invent your website, could possibly be the best thing you’ll ever do for your online business!


Hiring a professional SEO copywriter is the best thing you can do for your online business.

While the revised web copy delivers a stronger message with only half the words, there’s still opportunity for more punch.

Even better:

Hire a professional SEO copywriter. It’s the best thing you can do for your online business.

Do whatever it takes to deliver clear and concise messages that are easy to read, understand and remember.

You’ll make your visitors’ lives easier, and they’ll reward you with more leads and sales.

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