Responsive Web Design, and Why You Should Go There

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With smartphones and tablets overtaking desktops, the majority of consumers are bowing down to their mobile devices to research and purchase products and services. That means if your website’s not mobile friendly, your online presence will soon fade away. Fortunately, there’s a smart solution — it’s called responsive web design.

Responsive web design is an innovation that adjusts a website’s content, images and structure to any device, covering the thousands of different smart phones, tablets and oversized desktop screens on the market.

“It’s a highly effective way to promote a business without having to launch and manage a separate mobile website,” explained Brad Haima, Founder of Vancouver website and branding agency Circle Graphics. “Creating and maintaining multiple websites can be costly for a small business, with both dollars and time.”

Circle and other forward-looking agencies have been actively guiding clients down the ‘responsive path’ since the technology emerged a couple of years ago, stated Haima, “because it’s amazingly useful technology and just makes good business sense.”

In addition to tapping into the exploding mobile market, here are other key reasons to get responsive design working for you:

Recommended by Google
Google indicates responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration, noting it’s the industry best practice.

One Website, Many Devices
With a responsive website providing consistency across all devices, a business provides all prospects and clients a positive online experience.

Easier to Manage
Combining your desktop and mobile sites means less time and costs surrounding set up, website management and updates.

Get Serious, Get Responsive

If you’re considering a website refresher or upgrade, be sure to look into responsive design. You’ll enjoy a website that serves you well today, and is ready for whatever cool gadgets the future holds.

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  1. Heather Writes says:

    Everyone’s going to get responsive design in the coming years. Some are just quicker than others, so there’s a small window of opportunity before everyone catches on.

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