Why Are Writers Crazy, Depressed and Weird?

Why are writers crazy, depressed and weird?

Why are writers crazy, so depressed and weird? Jeez, that’s quite a reputation to uphold! Are recurring deadlines, writer’s block or lack of sleep to blame? Or is it just that crazy, depressed and weird people tend to become writers?

What do you think? Tell us your theory in the comments below…


4 responses to “Why Are Writers Crazy, Depressed and Weird?”

  1. David G says:

    Reason #1: Clients from hell!!

  2. Me write good says:

    How about lack of respect? Writers tend to get crapped on all the time.

    • Smalls says:

      I agree, writers tend to get crapped on…. (Especially fiction writers, or is that just me?) I mean, I’m not even out of high school yet, and I:
      A. Haven’t had an assigned creative prompt since the fourth grade
      B. Attend a writing club where almost everyone writes fan fiction
      C. Have seen movies and crap with steriotypical writers, who happen to all write nonfiction (Excluding Karen Eiffel, who is magical and trusts a days worth of her work to be good enough for a final draft.) and own type-writers.
      D. Still can’t find a friend who can edit for shiz
      E. Shove writing to the side due to being told that everything else is more important (I even feel like drawing is more important, due to having so many friends who are drawers.).
      F. Put English homework last due to it being “less important” than math, science, or anything else (I’m working on putting it first! It’s hard though, it’s like I have to flop my brain around.).
      G. Know people who read fan fiction everyday, but never touch books.

      I think that’s it, but still…..

  3. Sharon Hill says:

    Creative types gravitate to writing, and are often seen as different.

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