Nation Shudders at Large Block of Uninterrupted Text

Long text - US - Copywriter

Hysteria continues to grow since a news source reported Americans are collectively becoming paralyzed due to documents comprising “solid blocks of uninterrupted text.”

As the public grew more desperate, reporters stated, scholars were working to randomly italicize different sections of the text, hoping the italics will land on the important parts and allow everyone to get on with their day.

Reportedly, millions of “panicked and exhausted” Americans continued to repetitively search the single column of print from top to bottom and right to left, looking for even the slightest semblance of meaning.

While the report came from The Onion, an American news satire organization, it makes you realize just how the Internet has influenced writing. When consuming messages, we now depend on and desire clean, concise content with short paragraphs, sub headlines, bolded and italicized text, and images, to boot.

So don’t force your audience to plow through mind-numbing blocks of text. Instead, just KISS.

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