Save the Words

Save Words

Want to save a word from oblivion? Oxford Dictionary lets you adopt old or lost words to help keep them alive. The organization states that 90% of everything we write is communicated by only 7,000 words, and each year hundreds of words are being dropped from the English language.

How Adopt-A-Word Works

1.    You register for free.
2.    You let the website randomly choose a word, or find one that has special meaning to you.
3.    Pledge to use this word, in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible.
4.    You receive a certificate via email. You’re a hero.

If you’re especially proud, you can even order a t-shirt sporting your beloved word. We feel bonifate we were able to adopt a word to help carry it into the future. Bonifate — that’s our word. It means lucky.

Words You Might Want to Rescue

Adimpleate: To fill up
During your next visit to the gas station, you could state: “Would you be so kind to adimpleate the gas tank?” The attendant will be so impressed!

Agonarch: Judge of a contest or activity
This is a good term to throw at the snarly Simon Cowell if you ever end up on his talent show.

Prandicle: Small meal
Hmmm…would you really want to eat a prandicle?

Live or Let Die?

As web copywriters, we strive to keep web copy clear and concise to make websites simple and accessible. Using such words might be counter-productive. Still, as writers, we feel a special connection with words. After all, they are the cornerstone of language (and pay our bills).

How about you? Save these old or lost words, or let them fall to the wayside as new gems like tweetup and de-friend make their way into dictionaries?

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