30 Top Reasons Geeks Are Sexy

Geeks Are Sexy

30. Geeks are good with their fingers

They tinker with computers and gadgets all day, so you won’t be disappointed when they tinker with your gadget.

29. Geeks love to role-play

You’ll be screaming ‘WoW’ while they make your bedroom Final Fantasy come true.

28. Geeks make better lovers

It’s a proven fact! A study of 2000 people in the UK found that computer geeks make the best lovers out of all other professions.

27. Geeks have soft hands

They’re not into hard labour so you can enjoy their gentle, callous-free caress.

26. Geeks take romance to the next level

Anyone can buy flowers, but a geek will serenade you with a Youtube video or a pop-up love note on your computer screen. Romance 2.0! Swoon.

25. Geeks aren’t bar stars

Most geeks shrivel in social settings, so you’ll never have to worry about him creeping on other girls at the bar.

24. Geeks rake in the dough

Do you know how much IT guys get paid per hour?! Cha-ching.

23. Geeks invent stuff all the cool kids want

Who do you think invented the iPhone?  Again, refer to number 24.

22. Geeks are good with their light sabers

We dare you to keep your clothes on after watching this video.

21. Geeks know how to party

Ain’t no party like a LAN party. They can last for days!

20. Geeks aren’t afraid to break the rules

They’ll get you illegal copies of the hottest Hollywood blockbusters just released in theatres.

19. Geeks are good at remembering numbers

They’ll never forget important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.

18. Geeks aim to please

They don’t get much attention from women, so when they do, they’ll do everything in their power to keep it.

17. Geeks won’t try to be prettier than you

You’ll never have to worry about them using all your hair products or displaying other metrosexual tendencies.

16. Geeks are thoughtful

As skilled researchers, geeks will go to the ends of the earth to learn about what makes you tick.

15. Geeks will be your superheroes

You’ll never have to pay someone to fix your crashed computer again.  Geek to the rescue!

14. Geeks like to play with toys

They’re no strangers to electronic devices, and that includes the ones hidden in your bedside drawer.

13. Geeks aren’t shallow

They spent their high school years developing their mental muscle while the jocks were distracted by parties and pretty girls.

12. Geeks collect toys, not girlfriends

They’re more interested in collecting Star Wars action figures than phone numbers.

11. Geeks aren’t cookie cutter

Their interests tend to be a bit more intriguing than the typical ones listed on every online dating profile. ‘Camping, hockey, beer, cars…’ Yawn!

10. Geeks let you have the remote

You won’t have to worry about a geek commandeering the TV for Sunday football.

9.  Geeks love sexy tattoos

Check out the ‘interactive tramp stamp’.

8.  Geeks aren’t meatheads

They’ll never have that unfortunate problem where their lats are so big they can’t put their arms down, or the one where their necks are the same width as their heads.

7.  Geeks know when to play games

They play them on the computer, not with your head.

6.  Geeks are cheap drunks

They don’t go out much, but when they do, it’s always epic!

5.  Geeks are in fashion

They’re built for skinny jeans, and everyone knows glasses are hot!

4.  Geeks will keep you laughing

There’s a reason why movies like ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ are legendary, and TV shows like ‘Big Bang Theory’ win Golden Globes.

3.  Geeks can make anything sexy

Sure, statistics can be sexy!  Only a geek could come up with this.

2.  Geeks love lingerie

Especially when it’s this kind of lingerie.

1.   Last but not least, geeks are into kinky stuff

They’re familiar with every kinky subculture on the Internet.  So you’re not going to shock them when you tell them about your furry fetish.

4 responses to “30 Top Reasons Geeks Are Sexy”

  1. Kelvin H says:

    Nice! Geeks are sexxxaaa baby!

  2. Jade says:

    I always thought I was just uncommonly lucky with the ladies, but now I see that I was actually tapping into a raw primal attraction.

    I can live with that :-)

  3. Bob the Chef says:

    Wtf, seriously? Some of the clumsiest losers I’ve met were computer programmers. Way to misinterpret the data.

    Geeks are so creepy.

  4. Bob the Chef says:

    P.S. They’re not considerate in bed. They’re afraid. They’re approval seekers, which is the biggest turn off for women, and morally reprehensible.

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