Web Copy Motivators

Web copy motivators

Different visitors invest in products and services for different reasons. Hitting these ‘trigger points’ translates to higher conversion rates.

It’s integral to consider who you are communicating to, and why you’re communicating to them.

To sell effectively, you need to pinpoint why visitors buy things. Here are a few possible motivators.

  • To be popular
  • To feel important
  • To make money
  • To save money
  • To be attractive
  • To be secure
  • To be happy
  • To be healthy
  • Fear
  • Greed
  • Guilt

If a person is buying a luxury sports car, is he buying reliable transportation to get from A to B, or status. While a person would rarely admit it (or even realize it), likely the latter. Successful web copy addresses such motivators.

For more information on web copywriting, and to touch on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, check out Web Writing: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

5 responses to “Web Copy Motivators”

  1. Jose G. says:

    Neat post about “trigger points” in web copy. As for motivators, how about FEEL SEXY…that should be near the top.

  2. Hadrien says:

    Good point. Most web content is self-centric garbage, which doesn’t even consider the website visitor’s need.

    Website owners should pay attention to marketing articles like these.

  3. Laura Gill says:

    So true, whether you’re writing web copy or brochure content.

  4. Steve SW says:

    Not only does your web copy advice promote conversions, it fosters consistent communications beyond the web. A platform with a unified vision goes further.

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