Don’t Let Your Copywriter Show Off

Copywriter show off

Egotistical copywriters and business owners alike tend to get in the way of getting key points across to website visitors. They churn out verbiage that doesn’t resonate with audiences.

Self-Centered Copywriters

These copywriters write for themselves. They write to impress, mainly themselves and their peers. These copywriters use four-syllable terms when a simple word would get the point across more quickly and effectively.

Is simple web copy stupid? Definitely not. There’s a vast difference between communicating simply and communicating poorly.

Simple web copy promotes efficient communications. It is easily processed, understood and connects with online visitors. Simple language works well on the Web. Poor communications loaded with irrelevant, convoluted filler rarely achieves objectives.

Self-Centered Businesses

Meanwhile, business owners often want to cover everything they deem important, versus what their prospects consider essential. They neglect the fact that what they’re selling is not imperative. It’s what their target audience wants to buy that’s essential.

It’s About the Visitor

The key to effective web content? Visitor-centric web copy. Web content that caters to visitors’ needs and wants will keep them on websites longer. And the longer your website keeps your visitors’ interest and attention, the greater the chances they’ll become paying customers.

For more on what makes good web copy, read: Web Writing: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

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