Is a ‘Copywriter’ or a ‘Web Copywriter’ Right for Your Project?

Copywriter or web copywriter

Businesses looking for writers often ask what’s the difference between a copywriter and a web copywriter.

In a nutshell, a copywriter is a generalist, and typically writes for print, radio or TV. A web copywriter specializes in writing website content (also known as web copy and web text).

Can web copywriters write for print and other ‘offline’ communication vehicles? Sure. The web copywriters at Webcopyplus have vast experience in everything from corporate and employee communications to media relations and journalism. Our web copywriters might specialize in writing for the Web, but we have the ability produce articles, brochure copy, annual report material, speeches, video scripts, and much more.

Can copywriters write for the Web? Yes, but not to the same degree as a web copywriting specialist. Good web copywriters have insight and expertise in copywriting elements specific to the Web, including everything from keywords and search engine optimization to information architecture and navigation.

So if you’re looking for copywriting for print, find a professional copywriter who can deliver compelling copy. If you’re looking for web copy, seriously consider a web copywriter to ensure your visitors enjoy a positive online experience, which leads to higher conversion rates and overall online success.

Considering the fact that Google, Yahoo and Bing drive millions of Internet users to websites daily, hiring the right web designer and web copywriter can make a difference to any company’s online presence, brand awareness and bottom line.

One response to “Is a ‘Copywriter’ or a ‘Web Copywriter’ Right for Your Project?”

  1. Harry says:

    There are many things you could call a copywriter that writes for the web: a web copywriter, website copywriter, seo copywriter, Internet copywriter, web writer, online writer…but at the end of the day, if the writer knows little about keywords, he will not do the website much good.

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