What Does Your Web Copy Stand For?

Your web copy needs to define who you are and what you sell, catering specifically to your market’s needs. Plus, your web copy requires a clear voice that expresses the value of the relationship you’re seeking.

To build your brand with web copy, it needs to take into account:

  • Existing perceptions of your products, services and company
  • The actual position you currently occupy on these fronts

Recognize the gaps between the two points, and how they measure up to where you want to be. Then can you can tackle the differences.

To learn how web copy can foster a relationship between your brand and your audience, check out: Building your online brand with words.

2 responses to “What Does Your Web Copy Stand For?”

  1. Lyle says:

    Hmmm….building a brand with web copy. Interesting to consider you can do that. I always thought of branding in terms of design.

  2. Heather K says:

    Perception is everything, whether you;re talking web copy, print copy or anything else in sales, marketing and branding. People who think branding is about logos and nothing else should be in a different profession.

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