Best Copywriters in the World?

Best copywriters in the world

A student in a website copywriting workshop recently asked me, “What do the best copywriters in the world do that other copywriters miss?”

While sales and marketing know-how, and persuasive copywriting are essential, I believe the best copywriters in the world think of copywriting — specifically website copywriting — as a sales funnel.

You start with the headline, and entice online visitors to drill down until they reach the call to action.

The best copywriters in the world don’t force audiences to read between the lines. Top copywriters are absolutely clear about the objectives.

And the objective leads to the need for a definitive call to action. A call to action — especially on the Web — must get straight to the point: subscribe; call us now; request a quote; download a demo, or what have you.

It’s amazing how many website copywriters miss the call to action. Simply adding an appropriate call to action on a website can increase conversions significantly.

The best copywriters in the world know, we might be writing copy for the futuristic digital realm, but you still need to go “old school” and ask for the sale. Conversion rates depend on it.

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2 responses to “Best Copywriters in the World?”

  1. Dale J says:

    I remember debating the CTA or call to action with a New York writer who insisted online readers would find a call to action rude! And he was from New York of all places!

  2. When you’re talking about the best copywriters in the world, the key is likely that the best copywriters look at the big picture and small picture when it comes to website copy.

    Copywriters who can’t see the grand scheme of things are at a disadvantage.

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