Web Writing: Get to the Point

Web writing

When it comes to the Web, web content writers do audiences a favour by getting right to the point. Spend too much time trying to set up an atmosphere and you’ll lose them.

Why? When people arrive to a business website, they’re looking for information to solve a problem. As a result, they promptly:

1. Scan web copy to locate areas of interest

2. Scan subheads or kickers to identify topics

3. Skim the main web copy body for keywords and phrases

4. Input and process details of interest

5. Click to see more web copy, leave the site, or take the desired action

So get to the point. Don’t get wrapped up in being cute or clever. Let your readers get what they need quickly and easily complete the desired task—whatever it may be.

2 responses to “Web Writing: Get to the Point”

  1. Gabe says:

    I hate long winded web content! Like people don’t have better tings to do than read a writer’s fancy dialogue. Save it for novels and poetry!

  2. Jerry says:

    By desired action on the web, I suppose it could be the desired action of the business or the website visitor. In any case, good points regarding web content in general!

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