Buy Now! Pressure-Driven Web Copy

Many web content writers create urgency in a bid to get visitors to buy products or services now. It’s often in the form of a limited time offer. The logic: visitors might not come back, so get them while you can.

However, if a web content writer is overly aggressive, it can hurt credibility, diminish trust, and backfire. So it’s best to maintain a professional, tasteful tone. That way, people don’t get their backs up against the wall, and end up with a bad taste in their mouths.

I recall a website that indicated: “This One-Time, INCREDIBLE DEAL is ONLY Available for 4 Hours and 24 Minutes!!! Act Now, Before it’s Too Late!!!”

The time ticked away. Out of curiosity, I checked back the next morning, and the clock was reset—16 hours and counting! The ‘incredible’ offer stood. Scammers! That was my perception, anyway, and they weren’t getting my money.

You can stop visitors from procrastinating without appearing like a fly-by-night con artist. For example:

Order before Dec. 15, 2009, and you’ll get a free bonus!

You can also include a “while supplies last” element. Just go easy on the exclamation marks, as using too many can get you labeled a spammer.

On the other hand, if you want to contribute to the spam-filled Web, be sure to start a long-winded letter with “Dear Friend,” and include four or five P.S.’s at the bottom of your pitch.

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