Web Design Tips ‘n’ Links: From Footers to Speed Tools

Web design tips

We often come across and receive killer resources from web industry partners — and we like to share, too.

Here are several that are especially useful for web designers:

Telling Google about domain changes
Moved a client’s site? Tell the king of search about your domain change. Google tells you how.

Are your clients’ soles starting to wear?
Smashing Magazine examines what exactly makes for a good website footer. This insightful article discusses what to include in footers, the importance of sitemaps, usability practices, and styling ideas and trends. Plus, it showcases approximately 50 well-developed footers. Play footsies with Smash Mag.

Fixed or fluid layout?
This Smashing Magazine feature goes over the pros and cons of fixed, fluid, elastic and hybrid layout designs to help web designers head down the right path.

Web browser standards
Web Devout promotes the health of the Web by providing web developers both knowledge and tools. This section covers Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera web browsers, with focus on the HTML, CSS, DOM, and ECMAScript technologies. Get standardized.

Give me speed!
Web users indicate slow load times are one of the key factors likely to turn them away from websites (see Users place more weight on design). Slow-loading sites are caused by everything from too many image requests to heavy javascript. Yahoo’s YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve website performance.

Useful Firefox plug-ins
Firefox is popular among web designers. Heck, almost 60 per cent of Webcoppylus’ visitors use Firefox.  Web Design Booth brings you 35 useful Firefox extensions for web designers and developers alike. Plug away.

3 responses to “Web Design Tips ‘n’ Links: From Footers to Speed Tools”

  1. Franz says:

    Awesome list! Wicked Firefox plug-ins! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jackie Kelly says:

    Great web designer links! There’s so much out there, and too little time to explore. That’s why I treasure lists of web designer links like this one. Keep them coming!! :)

  3. JJ says:

    Web designer tips are useful, especially when you’re a freelance web designer and can’t lean on others for support or advice. I love some of these websites these design links point to…Smashing Magazine and Web Designer Wall rock.

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