Toronto Business Website Reaches Out

The City of Toronto website,, supports businesses by providing information on local programs and services. What’s really cool about their approach is that they’re planning a web redesign and are asking Toronto businesses for input:

“We’re in the process of rebranding the City of Toronto’s website. Our refreshed home page is only a starting point. Tell us what you think of and how we can make the website better for you.”

Asking your market how you can serve them better can never hurt, on or off the Web. It demonstrates you’re genuinely interested in your audiences’ needs, and striving to provide them the best products or services possible.

It appears the City of Toronto has taken a page from Toronto business coaching firm Wardell.

Its founder, Mark Wardell, states: “Leading companies teach their people to question what they do, and why they do it. They challenge their people to take a fresh look at their company and to get involved in creating its future.”

No doubt, the City of Toronto is wisely reaching out in a bid to create a bright future for its business community.

3 responses to “Toronto Business Website Reaches Out”

  1. Steven says:

    It’s one thing for the city of Toronto to ask for Toronto businesses’ feedback, but another to act on it. It could be lip service — “tell us what we can do for your business,” but then little is done in response. Hopefully the Toronto city’s serious about it and will truly revise their website to best serve business in the Ontario area.

  2. Celine Ray says:

    Even if the city of Toronto doesn’t act, the fact that they’re asking for feedback on their website is a solid public relations exercise.

    I think whether you’re serving Toronto businesses, or selling web design online, you should have a link that solicits feedback. It’s a great way to stay on your toes and get free ideas. :)

  3. Larry Grist says:

    The city of Toronto has to care what its businesses think as the Ontario businesses are paying their wages!

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