Who’s King of the Web?

Web Designer Wall recently featured an article surrounding a Webcopyplus web poll, which indicated more users are demanding good web design. It sparked a debate at a recent workshop, where web writers, designers and developers started debating which is the king of the Web: web content or design.

While I’m on record for suggesting web content is the king of the Web, I believe both are royally important. In fact, if you dig deeper, I’d have to say consumers are the true ‘kings of the Web’ because they ultimately dictate what succeeds and fails on the Internet.

As web specialists, we need to keep reminding ourselves that a website is critical in how people perceive, understand and interpret a company and its offerings. And everything counts. Quality web writing can’t compensate for poor design, and good design can’t save poor web copy.

Web designers, developers, web writers – and anyone else involved in creating websites – need to respect what others bring to the table. It’s best to put egos aside and collaborate. That way, everyone involved wins – especially the client.

4 responses to “Who’s King of the Web?”

  1. Helen says:

    Web designers are the king of the web. :)

  2. Geremy Kron says:

    Web designers have a huge impact with how the web looks, but many others play important roles. I believe usability specialists will have increasingly important roles and be called on more often to help websites progress. Web writing specialists will also contribute greatly. And programmers will remain critical to its success and advancement.

  3. On the internet the content is the king…. but the content is of no use till it has been placed on internet. Hence i too agree that both of them are equally very important.If both them are highest quality then they will achieve you great success and if even any one thing is missing then it will not be that affective.

  4. Cake Top says:

    I feel then no one can make a comparison in both cases. Web design is also king so is content….without anyone of them you cannot make a site or u cannot become successful.

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