How Copywriters Should Approach B2B Copy

B2B copywriter

Copywriters often believe business to business copy should appeal to the intellect, not emotions. But, whether you’re writing web content for consumers or executives, remember you’re writing for people. And everyone has feelings.

In fact, business to business audiences are as emotional as business to consumers. Fear, greed and other motivators do play a role in their decision-masking process. You just need to make sure your business to business web content speaks to the right emotions.

1. Personal benefits
Again, business buyers are people, so drive home the personal benefits. Explain how your product or service will make them look gook in front of their superiors, advance their career or shave some hours off their workweek.

2. Business benefits
Business buyers are acting on behalf of the company, so clearly convey how their business will reduce or eliminate costs, increase sales, or help the company expand  into new markets.

Copywriters need to remember, whether writing business to business or business to consumer web copy, you need to engage online visitors emotionally, and treat them with respect.

2 responses to “How Copywriters Should Approach B2B Copy”

  1. Chris says:

    Copywriters should keep things simple when writing for a business. Too much complicated messaging out there!

  2. J Nader says:

    When you’re a web content copywriter, these marketing and sales tactics are important, but you have to mind the medium. What about how people read on the Web? Take a page from Jakob Nielsen and focus also on web-specific elements that can impact the success of a website.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re writing web content for a New York financial firm or a London art museum, the same web factors still apply.

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