Web 3.0 Coming Soon?

Call it a marketing gimmick or a historical milestone, some say Web 2.0 will soon make room for Web 3.0.

There are rumblings that Web 3.0 may be able to search meta tags and labels to a much greater degree – thanks to the combination of ‘tagging’ that comes with the social media culture and advancing technology. The expected outcome: sites will spit exceptionally relevant results back at users.

A lot of discussions are based on what’s called Semantic Web. It’s believed computers will scan and interpret collections of information called ontologies using software agents. An ontology, by the way, is a file that defines the relationships amongst a group of terms. Smarter software, smarter computers!

Few would argue the surfacing technology will make the Web smarter, more efficient and profitable. For instance, businesses will gain piercing insights into customer behaviors, which could be used to serve them better (and reach deeper into their pocketbooks).

For business owners and consumers alike, Web 3.0 will likely make it easier to sort through and benefit from the colossal loads of information floating aimlessly around the Web. Perhaps there is a real Google killer not too far off in the horizon.

When will we be exploring (or exploiting) Web 3.0? TutZone’s “Bariski” predicts Web 3.0 will likely get rolling in 2010 and end by 2020. He noted: “It will be the most evolutionary development of that decade because now Web is not just technically orienting people, but it has major social contributions also.”

Bariski even peered into a crystal ball to provide some thought-provoking predictions.

One response to “Web 3.0 Coming Soon?”

  1. Henry Lin says:

    Web 3.0 is just hype, much like Web 2.0. Soon we’ll be talking about Web 4.0…

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