Writers Should Always Capture Thoughts

Copywriters capture thoughts

To ensure the world doesn’t miss out on awe-inspiring or useful words, writers should always jot down ideas as they surface.

Inspired by lyrics? Someone said something captivating? Capture it! I recall an interview with Radiohead, where the band explained how a mutual friend said: “The best you can is good enough.” They were moved by the phrase, and eventually worked it into their lyrics for the tune Optimistic.

Sure, there are the BlackBerry, iPhone and generic microrecorder routes, but old school notebooks can be practical and fulfilling. In the cold digital age, tradition can be enchanting. In fact, you should check out MOLESKINE, which offers simple, legendary notebooks that have retained the thoughts of creative heavyweights like Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway.

Too much noise in your life? Pick a time of day when you can write without disruptions, and make it a habit. When you’re enjoying your morning latte? Late in bed? Whatever works for you. Find your time and try sticking with it.

Can’t seem to get inspired? Just dive in! Grab a blank sheet or screen and just start writing. If ideas or leads don’t emerge, try something different, like playing around with contradictory headlines. Try seeing things in a different perception.

Don’t let a brilliant thought get lost. Document your ideas.

6 responses to “Writers Should Always Capture Thoughts”

  1. Hector says:

    Very good points! I often come up with ideas, and then lose them! As a designer, I’m missing opportunities! Never heard of Moleskin…will check them out :).

  2. Tammi Wesley says:

    Moleskine’s rock! I learned about them while travelling last year. I took one on a trips with another writer to New York last year and captured wonderful thoughts that I’m still visiting today.

  3. Jamie T says:

    I used to use a recorder, but filing and finding the snippets of inspiration was a pain. So I started using notebooks. I section them into ideas, things to do and quotes, and now have about 5 or 6 filled with material I access frequently.

    I will check out the moleskine notebooks. If it was good enough for Hemingway, it would be good enough for me :).

  4. David James says:

    I got a Moleskine the other month. It cost so much more than a typical notebook, I only include my A-list ideas. :)

  5. Sarah says:

    I’ll stick to my iPhone…always around when I need it!

  6. Drake says:

    According to Wikipedia a writer is anyone that creates written works. While I’m no professional, I do believe it’s useful and rewarding to capture thoughts all the time. I carried a pad of paper with me as I traveled one year through London, Spain, France and later New York, Chicago and finally Los Angeles. Every year I reread what I wrote down, and it brings back incredible memories. Meanwhile, I rarely look at my photos! :)

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