Web Content Headlines: Tell Visitors Where They Are

Your website’s headlines and kickers (a.k.a. sub headlines) need to tell visitors they’re in the right place.

You have a fraction of a second to orient people on the Web. If your web content does a good job, you’re often a step closer to a conversion. Miss the mark and your bounce rates will go through the roof.

A headline takes more than a catchy hook or angle to get prospects to stop and scan your web content. You need to align your headlines and web content with your visitors’ emotional drivers or trigger points.

The most effective way to achieve this is to leverage what you know about your target audience. Familiarity can help you nail the right information, keywords and angle.

But always be sure to provide practical information on where they’re at and what you can do for them. Vague statements don’t stick well on the Web. “5 Writing Tips for Web Designers” is a lot more helpful to visitors than a generic headline, such as “Writing and Web Design.”

Precise, practical headlines help your visitors get to the right information, and spare them time and frustration.

2 responses to “Web Content Headlines: Tell Visitors Where They Are”

  1. Nancy Hill says:

    Makes a lot of COMMON SENSE…but that’s the problem…not every seems to have it. People always try to be so clever, or are too into themselves and forget who they’re serving with their websites.

  2. Kim says:

    If headlines are so important, why do so many of them suck!

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