Choosing a Content Management System (CMS)

Planning to launch or overhaul your website, but can’t figure out what software to use? If you want to take control of your website and its content, a Content Management System (CMS) might be for you. But what then should you look for in a CMS?

Features are an important element of the CMS selection process, but per an informative CMS article in Smashing Magazine, you should also consider items such as licensing, support, accessibility, security and training.

“Don’t let your list of requirements become a wish list,” warns author Paul Boag. “Keep your requirements to a minimum, but at the same time keep an eye on the future.”

You can go with the most popular CMS systems, such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Or, you can hire programmers to build a special custom-made CMS that specifically caters to your business model. Web information authority Alexa reveals most of the top 100,000 websites use custom CMS solutions.

Many web developers snub the general one-size-fits-all CMS route, but when open source communities offer you free and powerful solutions, it can be alluring. Perhaps, in rare circumstances, businesses don’t have to ‘pay to play’.

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