5 Points of Inspiration for Web Design

Points of inspiration for web design

5. Invest in Sea Monkeys

For less than $20 you can raise your social status and credibility, and finally be able to conduct team brainstorming sessions. You can even name the cute critters to expand your design firm and justify higher rates.

4. Feel the Music

Find a wind instrument, sit cross-legged at your doorway and play Star Wars over and over again, until you see the light, or you collect enough change to get your caffeine fix.

3. Call on Nature

Get back to earth tones using Austin Powers’ teeth as your website’s colour palette. Select from a full range of tobacco yellows and decomposed browns.

2. Get into Character

With your deepest voice, answer the phone matter-of-factly with nothing more than: “John Rambo.” Chances are, after an awkward moment of silence, you’ll be engaged in some thought-provoking conversations with your prospect, client, or mom.

1. Crank the Led

Web design can require a level of intimacy. So, to set the mood, take a cue from the 1982 classic film Fast Times at Ridgemont High: “When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.”

4 responses to “5 Points of Inspiration for Web Design”

  1. Davey says:

    #1s good, just don’t make out with your mouse!

  2. Sarah says:

    Any web designer that can play the flute or recorder has instant cred with me! But if I see a designer talking to sea monkeys, well that could be a little concerning :).

  3. Stevie says:

    I like the sea monkey idea-especially when clients don’t like me work, I can blame it on my colleagues and even fire them if need be. Could be a fun PR gag too.

  4. H. Francis says:

    Awesome web design inspiration tips! Although British web designers might take offense to point #3…don’t mess with Austin Powers!!!!

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