Where Can I Buy .pro Domains?

If you’re planning to buy .pro domains for marketing, sales or SEO, it appears 2009’s the year to cash in on great deals.

The fact is all the valuable .pro domains have not yet been snapped up. And it’s not because the general public doesn’t recognize the value in the .pro domain extension. People just don’t know it exists.

As noted in recent .pro-related comments (thanks Alex), RegistryPro and Hostway could better serve the domain extension and Web world at large by marketing .pro domains or delegating the duty to other organizations. A few press releases and updates would get the ball rolling.

There was increased interest in the .pro domains in 2005 when their prices dropped to $99. Registrations reportedly reached almost 7,000 by January 2008.

Now the .pro domains are selling for less than $30. For instance, Network Solutions offers the domains for $29. If you’re looking for after market treasures (which can cost you upwards of $10,000), you can also look for investments and opportunities at reputable domain resellers, such as sedo and afternic.

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  1. professional domains says:

    Just so you know, you can register .pro domains as facts.pro I’m not just trying to plug our own site but I think .pro domains are way undervalued and its an excellent time to buy them if you are a domainer or end user.

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