Web Copywriting: What’s in it for Your Visitors?

Web copywriters

Psychologist Abraham Maslow conducted lifelong research about mental health and human potential. Seeing human beings’ needs arranged like a ladder, he devised his renowned hierarchy of needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the needs and desires people try to fulfill, as compiled neatly in Chip and Dan Heath’s New York Times bestseller Made to Stick:

  • Transcendence: help others realize their potential
  • Self-actualization: realize your own potential, self-fulfillment, peak experiences
  • Aesthetic: symmetry, order, beauty, balance
  • Learning: know, understand, mentally connect
  • Esteem: achieve, be competent, gain approval, independence, status
  • Belonging: love, family, friends, affection
  • Security: protection, safety, stability
  • Physical: hunger, thirst, bodily comfort

Ensure your web content taps into these basic human needs to appeal to your visitors’ emotions. You’ll engage and convert.

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