Sedo and Afternic Customer Service

If you’re planning to buy or sell domains, chances are you’re considering Sedo and Afternic, two of the most established domain marketplaces. Both take unusual approaches with their customer service phone numbers.

Afternic boldly features its 1-800 (1-866-284-4125) number front and center. However, when you call it — and I did several times during their office hours — you get to listen to a message that states, “Your call is important to us” repeatedly for a minute or two, after which you’re prompted to leave a message. I did, and the call was never returned.

Sedo, on the other hand, does not appear to make its phone number public. I couldn’t find a single phone number on its entire website. Eventually I gave up and requested the number via e-mail, and received it the next day. Here’s the ironic thing: a person actually answered it and was able to provide information immediately.

Afternic promotes its phone number and doesn’t staff it. Sedo hides its phone number and has staff ready to serve. Odd.

By the way, Sedo’s customer service phone number is (617) 499-7200.

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  1. Warren says:

    While there are several other domain resellers, sedo and afternic seem to have cornered the market. It seems like it’s a toss up as to which one is superior.

  2. Bob says:


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