Make Your Blog Work for You – Solicit Incoming Links

Marketing online - inbound links

Blogging is a great way to increase your search engine rank because it packs your site with relevant keywords and gives reason for Googlebots to return and feed on your fresh content.

Getting incoming links is also one of the best ways to raise your blog profile. Here’s how:

Comment on Other Blogs

Pick ones with authority that are as relevant as possible to your content. Leave your URL and be complimentary to entice reciprocal comments.

Get in Blog Directories

Registering with the goliaths is the one minute route to link loveliness. Technorati and Blog Catalog are your first ports of call.

Give Content Away

Write a post for another site and you’ll scoop their regular readers for your blog. Be careful not to duplicate content as search engines penalize for anything that looks like spam.

Encourage Social Bookmarking

Readers like your content. They save your link to their profile and share it with their friends. Easy.

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