Registration and Online Conversion Rates

A Forrester survey revealed what’s really no surprise: almost one-quarter of online shoppers leave websites without registering or purchasing when they are required to register.

The research firm suggests the missed conversions and lost revenues can be minimized by making registration optional, and clearly explaining the benefits customers will get if they do sign up.

“The right incentives can also be helpful — online shoppers are most likely to hand over personal data in exchange for discounts,” suggested Forrester’s Megan Burns.

Additionally, Webcopyplus has found an effective way to achieve registration is to introduce it late in a process, once online visitors have invested time in a task. However, even at a late stage, if too much information is required, it can still lead to both frustration and abandonment.

One response to “Registration and Online Conversion Rates”

  1. Frank Romanik says:

    Web content registration is a catch 22 – you ask for to little and it doesn’t meet your requirements, or you ask for too much and you lose the sale. It does seem timing is the nest bet for success.

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