Web Copywriters Need to Kill the Filler


Too many web copywriters continue to churn out superfluous, self-serving web content.

Webcopyplus was recently handed a project that was pulled from another writing firm. The draft we were asked to “clean up” and optimize for search engine spiders required more than that. It needed a complete overhaul.

Web copywriters shouldn’t aim for clever. What the writer is saying is, “Look at me! I’m writing!” It’s intrusive and distracting for the reader.

The most effective web writing is objective, clear, concise and specifically written for the intended audience. Don’t slow readers down with unnecessary words. They are just dead words that get in the way.

In fact, as important as it is to focus on what needs to be said, web copywriters should also focus on what doesn’t need to be said.

On the Web, less is more. Always.

3 responses to “Web Copywriters Need to Kill the Filler”

  1. Lorne Graham says:

    Yes!!! Well said. When I conduct research on the web and have to plow through so much fluff it drives me nuts. The web is great for communicating, but many people obviously aren’t good communicators.

  2. Rayon says:

    The problem is the web’s saturated with so many god-awful writers. It’s a pleasure the rare time you get to a well-written page. Nothing fancy, just clear and well thought out. Too much to ask?

  3. Nancy says:

    Well said!!

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