Web Content: Keep it Human

Web Content: Keep it Human

The Web can be a cold place. Web types dissect a myriad of stats: visits, page views, bounce rates. These are important and valuable tools, but one must not forget a customer is not a cold statistic.

People have feelings and emotions, which will sway them toward your business – or away from it.

Every online visitor brings you his wants. If you take the time to know him and understand his needs, you can provide web content that will engage him, alleviate his concerns and doubts, and entice him to do business with you.

Treating people like stats, on or off the Web, is an attitude that inflicts insult and may not be forgiven. Treat each prospect as a VIP. Show them respect.

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  1. D. Peters says:

    Came across this article and read the respect feature. Well said! When you think about how much web content is written in a tasteful and professional manner it’s sad. I just wonder if it’s going to get better or worse.

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