Web Copy: Don’t Overstate

Web copy - don't overstate

I just finished editing a media advisory for an IT firm, and had to strike out a few lines of hyped-up, unsubstantiated statements followed by exclamation marks.

The U.S.-based company is reputable and there was no intention to mislead. The in-house marketing team simply meant to create excitement within the industry.

The problem is when you overstate, online visitors instantly become wary of your web copy. That doesn’t do you any favours when you consider most people are already suspect about the Internet.

The same goes for the use of exclamation marks. Used tactfully, it can be an effective instrument in your message. But more often than not, it makes web copy smell like spam. It’s best to avoid marketing hype, unless you want to be labeled a spammer and join the bottom feeders of the Internet.

Compelling quotes, and verified facts and figures will go a lot further to promote your enthusiasm and cause. Leave the hype to the spammers.

2 responses to “Web Copy: Don’t Overstate”

  1. Bradley Knowles says:

    A good reminder on something that should be common sense, but sadly isn’t. Spam is all over the internet and does not appear it will be going away any time soon.

  2. Sarah J says:

    Good post, but it’s funny to see a company discourage the use of exclamation marks and then use them for your logo! :)

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