Design thinking is suddenly very trendy — again. What’s changed, and why now?

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Genuine web content

We live in a world where consumers are starving for authenticity. Meanwhile, businesses continue to serve up homogenous content and brands. Why? To play it safe and fit in with the competition. To inspire and prosper, businesses need to come out of the shadows and reveal their true authentic selves.

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Languages of Love

Many entrepreneurs love what they do, but they sometimes struggle with work-life balance. While you’re working hard to build your business, to live life fully, you also need to ensure your relationships flourish. That’s why you should learn the five languages of love. It’s a relatively easy way to enrich your life, and the lives around you.

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Stereotypes in marketing
Are you marketing to people or stereotypes? Sweeping generalizations result in crappy marketing campaigns, offend audiences and spark backlashes. So take the necessary steps to keep your personas real and relevant.

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Branding photo

Brands help categorize the modern world. Toyota or Ford, Lulu Lemon or Levis, CNN or Fox News? Brands no longer just sell. They correspond with personal ideologies, and reflect our narratives back to us.

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Your First Impression is Online… Are You Making a Good One?

First impressions online

It’s reality today: the first place your customers meet you is online. So the big question is: are you putting your best self forward?

“Before any coffee, sales pitch or job interview takes place, there’s a high probability you’re going to get Googled,” insists University of Toronto Professor and Digital Media Strategist Jean George. “Fortunately, big brands and celebrities aren’t the only ones who can strategize and manage their digital footprints.”

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Web Content & SEO: Strategies to Take You Into 2016

Web Content and SEO 2016

In the battle of rankings, website owners and developers sometimes forget that the quality of the website really drives success. How your site feels to visitors and how credible your web content is will have a huge effect on whether they linger, and more importantly, share your link with others.

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5 Questions Plus With David Berman

David Berman with Webcopyplus

Design matters, like never before, states David Berman, author of do good design, the internationally renowned book that challenges designers to disarm weapons of mass deception to help make the world a better place. We asked this influential thought leader with a quarter century of graphic, interface and accessibility experience about the Internet, our moral compass and the future.

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Marketing: No One Can Afford To Target Everyone

Target marketing cartoon - Webcopyplus

Businesses with limited budgets can combat large, deep-pocketed companies by targeting a niche market.

Fear not! Defining a target market doesn’t mean you’ll exclude people who don’t fit your criteria — it means investing your resources and speaking to a specific market that’s more likely to believe in your brand and buy from you.

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Responsive Web Design, and Why You Should Go There

Responsive web design - Mobile web content

With smartphones and tablets overtaking desktops, the majority of consumers are bowing down to their mobile devices to research and purchase products and services. That means if your website’s not mobile friendly, your online presence will soon fade away. Fortunately, there’s a smart solution — it’s called responsive web design.

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